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About Futubox

We are World's largest live streaming HDTV subscription service. Offering you best HDTV shows, featured movies, sports, news and anything else you want anytime anywhere.

World Wide access

Take your TV whenever you are, all you need is Wi-Fi or 3g/4g connection.

Optimized streaming technology

All you need is internet downstream bandwidth of 3 Mbit/s or higher for the smoothest playback experience.  

No additional hardware setup

No dishes, wires, boxes, high cost setup. Just buy and watch.


Each TV channel is associated with a TV guide, so you know exactly what’s on tv.


You can easily watch your favorite programs and then play them back anytime up to 100 hours.

HD and SD quality

Choose quality depending on your bandwidth possibility.

Numerous devices supported

Ipad, Iphone, Android OS, PC, MAC, laptop, Set Top Box, XBMC.

Unlimited access

All-in-one membership – receive full access to Futubox HDTV channels and movie database.


Small fee that more then half the cost of a single month of cable service.

Continuous improvements

Permanently added new channels with no additional charges.

Unbelievable online TV service with monthly price less than daily McDonald’s meal!

Provide more for less price

Our channels

We offer all in one package that include 6 language packages. New channels are constantly added with NO any additional charges.

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Some Fun Facts

Each added channel makes us even more hungry, hungry for more channels, more code and at least some more improvements. As a result we deliver a better TV experience.


HD and SD channels


 Language bouquetes


 Hours of archive


 Supported types of devices

You still need more arguments? No? Then welcome!

Inviting resellers and affiliates

Want earn online, have a lot of friends who like online TV, already in internet business with lot’s of customers?

Futubox invite resellers, distributors  and offering special prices with discounts.

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Our dedicated employees are happy to provide you with know-how and FAQs in case of any questions.

What is the speed of my internet connection should be?

-For HD quality minimum 5 Mbps, for SD quality minimum 2 Mbps.

I can’t watch Futubox without it freezing.

-You need to have 5 Mbps or more download speed to our servers. Your real speed can be checked on server1 , server2 or server3

Can I watch Futubox simultaneously on different devices?

-No, in this case you need to get additional login for each device where you want to watch simultaneously.

Do you have a playlists?

Yes, Futubox provide .m3u (RTMP) and .m3u8 playlists, you can find them here:

How can I see the channels of my playlists?

- It’s simple: you need a player or a program to play streaming files. Never mind! Most of them are freeware. Just download and enjoy…

Now let’s take a look at the most recommended programs and players to see Futubox on your playlist…

1) XBMC mediacentre.
– Download latest version of XBMC
And install it. PVR addons must be installed!

– Run XBMC. System -> Settings -> LiveTV -> General
Check “Enabled”
You can see message “No PVR Add-on enable”, press OK
Now you can see list of PVR add-ons, find “PVR IPTV Simple Client” and select this.
Press “Enable”, Then “Configure”.
In add-on configure menu choose
“File Location” -> “Local Path”
“M3U Play List Path” -> choose downloaded FB HTTP playlist (may be need renamed it from .m3u8 to .m3u extension)
Press OK.
– Restart XBMC
– Now in XBMC main menu you can see “Live TV” Item. Select this and press TVchannels
– Now you watch playlist as TV.

2) Playing live streams using VLC.
You can download latest version VLC in official site for many OS (Windows, MacOS, Linux, FreeBSD etc).

Download HLS playlist (live streams only), save this and just open with VLC.

3) Playing live streams with any software/hardware players (must can play HLS streams – see specification of your software/hardware player).

Download HLS playlist (live streams only), save this and just open with your favorite player.


Can I watch Futubox on Iphone/Ipad?

-Yes, iPhone, iPad, iPod live streaming

Can I watch Futubox on Android phone/Tab?

-We strongly recommend use Android device with Android version 4+.

– You can use Google Chrome and version for iOS –;

– You can use our Android app;

– You can download latest version XBMC mediacenter for Android and use any our playlists.

Can I use XBMC/VLC with Futubox?

-Yes, you can download .m3u playlist for your XBMC here – (only live streaming)

Can I use Samsung Smart TV?

-You can try use our HLS playlist with this project.

Can I use Roku with Futubox?

-Yes, download HLS playlist (only live streaming), save file, and now you can use your Roku or another http live streaming device.

Where is adult XXX channels?

-By default Futubox hide XXX channels, you can enable access via USER>SETTINGS>Parental control>Disabled

I live in CIS how can I watch Futubox TV?

-Sorry, because of legal restriction Futubox not accessible in xUSSR.

Why I don’t see some channels in list?

-Some channels provided for set top box users only or this channel temporary offline.

Can i share my login with my friend/sister/mother etc?

-When the system detect sharing (simultaneously watching), your account will be banned without any prior notice for up to 24 hours (to let you change the password) and next time forever.

Any other questions?

-Please search and read FAQ below. Most of questions are answered. If you still have a question please email:

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